Frequently Asked Questions

Cotton is Organic Material. It is highly absorbent and also allows air to pass through.

It does not cause skin irritation , and in fact the feel of cotton is very soothing to skin

even when there are skin rashes or burns as compared to Synthetic fabric which causes

skin irritation.

  • Dimensions.  A beach towel is around 90×180 cm, which is usually long enough for someone to lay on without getting sand on their head and feet.  A bath towel is usually around 70×140 cms.  Usually, beach towels are wider and longer than bath towels.
  • Appearance.  A beach towel is generally more brightly colored than a bath towel, making them easier to spot.  A bath towel is a solid color, most of the time, designed to compliment the decor of a bathroom.
  • Hotels normally prefer to give customers Cabana Towels (Striped Towels) but some of the Hotels also prefer pale colored towels for Beach / Pools Towels,

Retail towels are usually less durable and come with lower GSM ( between 250 GSM to 450 GSM)

Hotel towels are subject to more washes and hence need to be more sturdy to withstand the Washes on almost daily basis

As such the best Hotel Towels are made of double piles to give the strength to towels and also Higher GSM to withstand the wearing of Fabric from frequent washing. The GSM ranges from 500 to 600 or even 650.

GSM increases the weight of towels and hence higher GSM towels cost more.